Drummer Faces


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Do you often make drummer faces? They are very strange to me. Is there any way I can avoid them and still continue to progress as a drummer? :wink:



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I sometimes make drummer faces, i got loads of different ones haha nothing wrong with them, just shows your a drummer :D but the only thing i could really say to prevent them is to 'Concentrate', which can be quite hard sometimes when u just wanna 'Flow' on the drums, but thats the only advice i can really give sorry :(


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Hmmm, for me drummer faces are part of drumming. I like to watch other drummers make them and I know I make them, too. They're kind of funny and I don't think you should try to avoid them. The truth is you make drummer faces while playing something difficult for you. So if you are better and better drummer you will probably make less drummer faces because less things can be difficult for you.


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i dont know how but...i just usually make serious faces throughout the whole set! sumtimes i laugh haha idk y....is that bad?? :(
I`ve been told I look like I`m bored to death even when I`m playing the most difficult of our tunes. Apparently I look like I~m making no effort at all. If they only knew :p !


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I do. I know I do.

I do it on purpose though.

I sing along to the music. Make crazy faces. And whatnot.

Ive been told that I look evil sometimes. Then ive been told I look like I am having a blast.

Which I am.

Im about the performing aspect of playing drums as much as the playing itself.

Give people their moneysworth, and make sure they remember me by the time they leave.

Capeside Alex

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I don't really know if you can avoid them. Some people have different twitches when they make certain movements, or have to focus in weird ways. I don't make weird faces, tho I do make angry rock out faces when I hit the peak of energy! LOL


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mapexdrummer":3rlvp6ae said:
hahahaha!!!! yea that is bad.....hahaha ok im good then
He looks stoopid alright, but so what?

If we had a closer look on; say guitarplayers, I bet there a larger amount of stupid-looking guitarplayers than stupid looking drummers.

Anyway, it all comes down to commitment to the music, I think.
Any musician that makes stupid faces, is more concerned with the musical side of his performance than what the f**k he/she looks like!

Of all the drummers I've seen, Brian Downey (of Thin Lizzy fame) is probably one of the coolest drummers I have ever seen. He doesn't move his face or his body (except the minimum movements, obviously) at all! And he plays great! The exception that confirms the rule. Stupid faces are just a way of showing commitment to the music you play, no problemo! 8)


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there's no way to avoid drummer faces! we all make them, especially the drummers that have hella chops.. there's nothing wrong with makin' screwed up faces as long as you throw down the notes!!....


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People tell me I look pissed off. I'm not. I just get into it like that. My eyes roll into the back of my head and looks like I'm mad at someone. LOL! Whatever. That's why i usually wear shades when I play. Not to look "cool" or anything. LOL!


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Good Lord! I am so relieved. When I saw the heading for this thread, I thought it said "Drummer feces"

I'm very relieved.


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I used to make some crazy looking faces. Recently people tell me that I look too serious or that I look like I'm concentrating too hard...unless it's a really heavy part that's easy to play, then everyone stops and asks if I'm pissed off at anyone and then they beg me to never make that angry looking of a face ever again.
I get into my breakdowns man, what can I say.


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watch john bonham's face in his moby dick solo from the dvd of their concert at royal albert hall. its very interesting, he bites a lot and looks to be in pain


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i honestly dont care man. i know i make goofy faces but thats usually because im so into the music... if people negatviely comment that, then fuk'em