drum transportation


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I use Protection Racket padded cases for in-town gigs and ATA cases for bigger stuff. As far as vehicles go.....VANS RULE. There is no better utility than a van when it comes to hauling gear.

dave lynch

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racefan33":ra8tgzp0 said:
SGarrett":ra8tgzp0 said:
I use SKB cases and squeeze my five piece into the back of a '90 Civic hatchback. The kick fits by literally 1/8", but it fits dammit. :lol:
I used to pack my drums in a two door Datsun 510. Man I miss that car.
I used to have a 2 door 510 hach back and I fit my 7 pc sonor kit with a 24' kick all in cases..I had to tie down the back, but it ony missed by 2"-3"


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Its all about my humes and berg cases right now. Ive had them for years and there great but right now im actually about to get myself into a touring ata trunk. Many great companys that i have cases from for other stuff so its all about finding the best deal. If you looking to go that route check out A&S cases or Jan AL two great companys. I designed my own trunk which holds everything.


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DRUMSMYWIFE":4emmpzqh said:
Get a huge ass truck like a Toyota Tundra or a Nissan Titan and perhaps a Dodge Ram to load all you shit.
I recently bought 8 Humes & Berg Drum Seeker padded bags
They have rigid tops & bottoms, big zippers, & tons of grey fleece inside. How good will they be for me when gigging locally or elsewhere? I've never had to move drums much as I've done about a dozen gigs in my life thus far. More are upcoming eventually, I keep saying! :lol:

Also I always thought I'd someday buy the smallest 5' x 8' Carson or HaulMark cargo trailer http://www.carsontrailer.com/subs/trailers/cargo/carson_enclosed/carson_enclosed.html for our band's collective gear when gigging. I figure I'd attach a trailer hitch onto my Audi A4 & drive slowly to gigs. I'm not into owning an SUV or truck anymore. Another of us could always hook the trailer up too. Any ideers or thoughts on this? Thanx! :idea:


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I'm really picky about who handles my gear and how it's stored so I went with SKB cases. That way, atleast I know they're protected from my idiot band mates! lol I also splurged and got a 16' Roadmaster trailer to haul gear in, and a used Chevy Tahoe for the band and crew. Makes travelling so much less stressful, but I paid out the ass to have it all, so maybe not the best option for some.


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I use SKB hard cases and gig bags, and also SKB trap cases. I have stand bags and hard cases for stands and racks. All of my vehicles are big, Suburbans. I keep most of my kits in cases unless being played. I can leap frog the kits for different shows and groups. At least get a set of bags. You can get great deals on used cases at various places. Sad to say about stickers, etc... but I think it makes a target for being ripped off while grabbing a bite to eat after a show, etc... What a world. Just my 2C's.

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SGarrett":1fqijop2 said:
I use SKB cases and squeeze my five piece into the back of a '90 Civic hatchback. The kick fits by literally 1/8", but it fits dammit. :lol:
I'll vouch for the civic as well.... hatchback manages my five-piece kit in fiber cases, large trap case, cymbals, and one passenger even! small enough you don't have to pick cats up on the way to the gig, but big enough to bring your best girl along!


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The only scratches on my drums are from the 1 time I didn't transport them. (no money for cases for a 10-piece)

Having said that, get hard cases if you can. I had Humes and Berg before, but SKB makes a nice case too.

As for cars... you don't need a "huge truck like a Toyota or Nissan"... in fact, don't get a 'Yota or Nissan to begin with... I've fit my 10 piece in a 1987 Bronco, Focus wagon, Ranger with 6' bed, minivans, cargo vans... I've seen bigger sets in a regular 1996 Civic sedan (minus the passenger seat).
I've fit smaller set-ups in a Hyundai Accent, easily.
If you get a pick up, get a camper shell or tonneau cover. If you have a SUV, wagon, whatever... try and cover the stuff up. People will break into your car and steal crap in a heartbeat (at least the will around here, that's why I'm beefing up the windows in my camper shell).
Just make sure you don't have too much room as things like to fly across open spaces and get damaged, but have enough room so things aren't pinched and getting damaged. Also, playing with Legos and the like, or Tetris, as a child probably helps.
I suppose I have it fairly easy, I dont have any cases, but all of my stuff usually fits pretty well in my car, which is a 95 toyota celica, and theres usually space left too, then again i only have one tom, my kick, and two snares, but then all my hardware and cymbal case.


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im lucky in the fact the company i work for give me a van i can use for personal use,
so i can use my van or my honda civic, but my van is pretty huge so thats my preffered choice all in very very well padded cases


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i find the best thing to do for me is
just get some blankets

you can go to wallmart or some other store
and buy a butt load of them for cheap
just wrap them a round your drums and your good to go..

as far as getting them to a show

my old band had a trailer so it was no problem

but now i have to load them in a car.

i just fit all i can in the trunk then put whats ever left in the back set.

most the time you still have room for 1 person in the back and 2 in the front

depends on what kinda car you have..

Empyrean Drums

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I fit my 8 pc Dbl bass kit into my old 96 Concord, although it was like playing a game of Tetris.
Drum bags are a cheap investment and well worth it (as long as you handle your own stuff). They will keep your drums from bumping into each other and getting scratched and offer some protection to the heads from dents and punctures


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I like the Protection Racket deluxe gig bags because they protect the drums well, they make the drums easier to carry with the handles, and they are relatively affordable. I used to have a '90 Camry that I used to put (2) 22" bass drums, 4 toms, and a floor tom plus all hardware and a rack. Now I have a 2-door Honda Civic and I can still put in (2) 22" bass drums, two toms and a floor tom plus stands, pedals and hardware. That's the setup I use for shows now because I hate lugging around that stuff. I transport and setup my own stuff so by the time I make it up to play, I look like a Sea Otter that's how much I'm sweating.

In another note, the Protection Racket deluxe bags are the best of what they make. They do make an economy set of bags for a 5-piece appropriately entitled "nut cases". (They loved the double entendre so much that they state on the outside of the box, "This box contains your nuts!") The set runs for between $150-175 but is not that great for the bass drum because it doesn't offer as much protection as the deluxe bass drum bags. I've always hated that one out of my set of "nut cases". The tom "nut cases" work good though.


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Cases, cases, cases. Gotta have em!! If you're looking for a brand or type, SKB is great for it's durability and locking shells. Been using them for awhile. If the army can transport my kit without fuckin anything up, then that says something about those cases.