Drum track from my Band's new album


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Thanks Llama. I've since done a lot of work on the tracks and must say they're sounding even better!

Here's my gear list for this recording:

snare (taped together 2 inches above and just off of rim aimed centre) - sm57 & rode nt5
snare bottom (mirroring the top mics in distance)- sm57
Bass Drum (ported head, mic was half inside it pointed just off centre) - akg d112
rack tom (standard tom mic stuff?)- audix d2
floor tom ( " )- audix d4
OHL (over hats facing straight down) - AKG 414c
OHR (over ride facing straight down) - rode nt5

The room was small and crappy so we close mic'd everything. We'll have to depend on dreamverb to give us space :)