Drum Tabs


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Can someone help me find some Nickelback-Rockstar Drum Tabs. The stupid Music Publishing Industry is taking them off the net but they might come back if the creators of the tab site agrees to give part of the ad money they make to the bands...They need to screw off. They get me mad because it is so freaking hard to get some drum tabs.



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Just listen to the song and pick out the drum parts with your ear. While it's good to rely on reading drum tabs, there's a danger in becoming too relient on actually having a map that tells you what to do every time you sit down to play. Besides, by trying to figure out what the drums are doing in a particular song, you strengthen your listening skills to the point that youll be able to separate each instrument and you'll no longer hear music the same. I learned how to drum using this method and I haven't been able to hear music the same since. It's great. It's like this practice gives you a whole new way to appreciate music. I'm practically in heaven whenever I go see the Symphony Orchestra. Besides, Nickelback's drummer really doesn't play too complicated of stuff anyway so it should be easy to replicate it like you hear it. It would be a different story with drummer's like Neil Peart, Terry Bozzio, or Mike Portnoy.