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i cant find any sites that have drum tab and i live in rome italy and there are no sheet music books around town
so does anyone know any good drum tab sites. Thanx for the help


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I must be an idiot. I thought "tabs" were what guitarist used when looking at their fret boards. I seem to remember that drummers used sheet music with lines and spaces reserved for things like bass, snare, hi-hat, toms, cowbells, etc.


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Roguejoo":7tn0gvp3 said:
whenever i google "drum tabs" all of the tabs are deleted because of copyright reasons
This must be recent, cus I just looked at some a few days ago, this sucks.


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GypoDrummer":1z3wllco said:
www.911tabs.com is a tab search engine, although most tabs there are down, you could find a few ones that arent.
also www.alldrumtabs.com is still good, im the moderator, so pop in some time :D although we're small, all of our tabs "work" :lol:
Yeah, well, alldrumtabs won't load, seems to be a problem there. The first one loaded.


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ah, yeh.
we found a probel with the site today...
wouldn't let me load either.
rest easy, i contacted the admin.
he shall deal with it now.