Drum Solo.


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Hi, I need your support and votes in this Drum Contest, all you need to do is click the link below and cast your vote in the stars. There's just 2 days left to finish the competition, so don't miss your oportunity to help me out. :)

http://www.drumsoloartist.com/competiti ... /index.php

Look for me as Edgar X. Vanegas (Progressiveman)

Remember to forward this message to all your friends and family, It just takes a minute!

Thank you very much!

Xavier Vanegas
Alitheia's Drummer
Miami FL, USA

Ps. Administrators: Don't remove it please. Thnx


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Hey guys,

I was told the competition hasn't ended yet. So you can check my solo out and vote for me.

This is another solo, by the way wait a little bit.

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