Drum size question.

Lancelot Frosty

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I have to ask, because I realize I've never known.

When we're talking drum sizes, is it in the order of depth then width or whatever you'll wanna call it?

For example:
The Al Foster Signature Hipgig:
http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/ ... sku=404104

It says the bass drum is 18" x 22".
Does this mean it's 18" in diameter, then 22 in depth?

Just been wanting to know cause I never gave it much thought. :lol:

Johnny Cat

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In most cases, the larger number is always the diameter, though I have seen weird exceptions like a tom that Ludwig used to make that was 6 inches diameter, and 9 inches deep. I saw a picture of it, so I know for sure it wasn't a typo, or me reading it in the wrong order. But yeah, a good 99% of the time, the larger number is the diameter.


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Yeah, there really isn't a standard for how it's done. Like Johnny said, the bigger number is almost always the diameter. If it's something funky, like an 18" inch drum that's 22" inches deep, the seller will make that clear. For instance, if you read the second sentence of the description you'll see, "The bass drum diameter has increased 2 inches, from the original 16" to 18"..."