Drum Sets for new people?


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Ludwig Accent, Pulse. It relaly depends on your budget. If you're looking for cheap, Pulse. If you're looking for something that'll last you as you progress, Pearl Export, Yamaha Stage Custom. Gretsch. etc.


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pearl forums are great starter kits. even better is the exports. and also pulse is ok and very inexspensive.

Brian L

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Pulse is what I got for my first kit, I still have it. They may be cheap when you buy them but your going to want to put alot of money in to them just to make the good to play and sound alright, new heads, bass pedal, crash cymbal. The high-hat and ride are okay, but the crash is muffled so bad. My friend compared it to playing a pilllow one time. I couldnt tell until I heard a Zildjian A custom crash and after that it defiantly is like playing with a pillow. but I have no regrets going with Pulse. PDP is also probably a great starter kit. :shock: