Drum sets and humidity


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I just bought a new drumset (all maple wood) and I had nowhere else to put and play them other than a studio that was hot and very very humid. What would this do to my set over a period of 4-5 months?


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I have had two sets in my garage one was a percussion plus that was in there for 3 years and recently my new pearl exr and I live in Miami, Fl!!!! Its super humid all the time except winter where the humidity drops to maybe 50%!!!! The only thing I have noticed is during the winter when the temperature flexes from day to day is the drums tuning flexes up and down.

When you think about them warping it would be hard with the heads on. There is a different pressure inside the drum pushing out but with the heads off and sitting sideways on the floor maybe in a couple of months.


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if you're terribly without options for storage and practice space, you should probably get a dehumidifier or two

Rob the Drummer

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The plies could begin to separate. Think about how the glue and plies react when they are constantly swelling, then closing up.