drum-muting/volume reduction suggestions?


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Got a bassist friend whose new drummer buddy is looking for a way to decrease the volume of his acoustic drums in their small rehearsal space.

Any suggestions on how to do this?
I'm going to recommend rutes/dowel-sticks, putting a bedsheet over the drums, and various muting products like muffle-rings and Moongel dampers.
Wondering if there's anything new I'm overlooking-
I haven't really had to do this, so I'm looking for someone who has been able to accomplish it.

They can't afford electrics, and he's an enthusiastic beginner so I don't think 'play softer' is quite going to cut it yet.
thanks in advance for any tips you can offer.


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If I have to play soft i use Vater Whip- very nice response, though I recommend using single-ply heads, so that the drums will sound full. Otherwise you'll have to hit hard. But that's not a problem, because the whip can bend, so no way of hurting you wrists etc.