Drum mic


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I want to mic and mix my own drums. Do you guys have any experiance buying the proper mics and then putting them all into your own sub-mixer complete with monitors and then plugin your mixer into the big good main one, that would be awesome. Choosing the right mics is a hard thing to do and could be its own topic all together.


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Nice one man. Yeah people I will like to know about this too, been thinking on doing it.
I'm thinking of buying the Shure DMK57-52 Drum Mic Kit or the CAD Premium 7 with the Eurorack UBB1002 because it can be power it with battery or AC.
One day a sound eng. tells me that it was a bad idea to do that because you wouldn't no how was the levels and volume of the kit and may have problems with the sound...but let's face it, the drummers are the one that suffer of lack of sound. Sometimes there is not enougt or no mic or there are no many channels to mic the kit. Just to name a few problems. I would like the know answers for the others in this matter.