Drum making kits - make your own drum

Is there a market for "make your own drum" kits

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Do you think people will be interested in drum making kits, so you can make your own drum?

We're talking hand drums.

John makes them from plywood rings and has taught a friend to make his own. He is now a complete drumming addict!

So we could sell instructions with goatskin, rings and cord. The buyer would have to supply the plywood, glue and clamps etc.

Some skill would be required, you'd need to be able to use a coping saw or power tool to cut out the rings.

Is there a market there? There is a certain amount of satisfaction to be gained from playing a drum you've made yourself!

You can see examples of the drums here:

If any drummers out there are interested, what kind of price would you expect to pay?

Thanks :D


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I know I'd buy one. It would be better if you guys could provide as much of the needed hardware as possible, and if not, point people to a website where they could find it. I don't know what I'd pay, because I don't know how much is fair really. Keep us updated on this!


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damn, i thought you meant snares and stuff. i would love to build my own snare.

for handdrums, i still think there could be a market. i'd love to do it. my sister spent some time in the Middle East and some local Palestinians she was chilling with taught her how to make their traditional drum. she came back with a few handmade drums that were good quality. they made great gifts and most everyone was jealous. they sounded great, too.

i guess i'd expect to pay less than it would cost to buy a pre-made one.