Drum ideas we think of


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well ive had a few but so far i think most of them hav been done. share your drum set ideas

a recent one of mine has been a remote hi hat set up(for the right foot) with an 18" china ( cup faced up ) with a 14" crash/ hi hat cymbal on top, this leaves me with a free stand , a china to whack n stuff as usual and a trashy set of hi hats.

another idea ive had wa a small gong with a bass drum pedal attach n the beater to be raplace with a gong beat, for weird gong swell and beat at the same time.

i also had an idea to get a lefty double bass pedal and attach that to my left bass drum n then replace my right 22" with a different sized one such as a 18" , this mean i can still play the left side 22" as if i where playin usuall and then a small/bigger right side bass drum as a main kick .

these are only jus dream ideas tho , feel free to share yours


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I can't think of anything I'd want to change right now, so I'll tell you about one of the craziest displays I made.

We got a double tiered Gibralter rack rack and happened to have two Pearl Masters kits, a Platinum Mist BRX and a Purple Storm MMX. I set them both up in the cage with the toms going in both directions. So there there two 10" toms in the middle and they went outward from there. The BRX was a six piece so I hung the 16" tom from the upper rack on the right side like a floating gong drum. I put the MMX snare off the left as an axillary. Then I put two hats, two rides, and a good ten crashes along with various LP toys. Aside from the Gibralter rack and rack arms, I used DW stands. I had it set up so you had no choice but to see it right as you turned the corner into the shop. Talk about an attention getter. The MMX got sold within a few days. I wish I would've gotten a picture of it.

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i remember mounting all of my toms on a rack to be played with pedals like kick drums.
i also had this idea where all of my cymbals were stacked directly on top of one another, starting from largest to smallest.