drum head help


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ok..i really dont like the heads i have on my kit right now (remo emporor coateds) because theyre too open..and not dampened enough for rock and stuff..i bought them when i was inexperienced..and kind of didn't know much about what i was doing. Is there any way i can make my heads wear out faster than normal..without intentionally stabbing them with a knife or something like that..anything is appreciated.


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you might just need a good tune up. coated emporers are greatly suited for rock stuff. you got a 2 ply head with a coating ontop of that. but these are great heads for heavier music where you need thump behind the toms.

remember, what you hear while playing your kit is far from what the crowd hears. you do need some ring and overtone to give the drum body and depth out front and through the PA. if anything, just tune up and slap a moon gel on there and your toms should be more than dampened enough to still hold their tone out front.


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Try Remo zero rings or moongels to dampen your heads. If you insist on replacing them then keep the others for back-ups. It's gonna take some time to find the heads that you really like. Also keep in mind the type of shells and size of the drums that you play. Not all kits are suited for all styles of music. Peace.


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I agree with drummert2k on this one. The thing you have to remember is that the "raw" sound you get from your drums is going to be TOTALLY different when they are mic'd live through a PA or processed in the studio. Drums are an acoustic instrument and need to be "open" and have distinct "tone" when you strike them... if you try to create a processed/studio sound, all you are going to do is choke all the musicality and life out of them.

Try and get your favorite sound guy to record your set live one night... you will be amazed by what you hear - its like night and day from what you hear sitting behind your kit.