drum head discussion?


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I'm just getting back into playing acoustics recently, and am curious about you folks' experiences with drum head manufacturers...

I need to refit 2 kits for recording soon and just don't have much knowledge of leading brands these days.

If you have tried a wide cross-section of what's available, I'd love to hear your observations on what heads you prefer.

I will be going for an open sound, with little damping.
You can hear our DWs with white remo heads on our myspace tracks.
We want to surpass that sound and get the drums sounding a lot warmer with more presence.

Any suggestions/input will be most appreciated!


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Remo Drumheads (Batter)
10" Smooth White Emperor (BE-0210-00)
12" Smooth White Emperor (BE-0212-00)
13" Smooth White Emperor (BE-0213-00)
14" Emperor X (BX-0114-10)
14" Smooth White Emperor (BE-0214-00)
16" Smooth White Emperor (BB-1216-00)
22" Coated Powerstoke 3 (P3-1122-C2)

Remo Drumheads (Resonant)
10" Clear Ambassador (BA-0310-00)
12" Clear Ambassador (BA-0312-00)
13" Clear Ambassador (BA-0313-00
14" Hazy Ambassador (SA-0114-00)
14" Clear Ambassador (BA-0314-00)
16" Clear Ambassador (BA-0316-00)
22" Ebony Powerstroke 3 (P3-1022-CH)


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I am a huge fan of evans. I use the Genera G2's on my toms and a ST dry on my snare. An eq4 batter on me bass and an aquarian EMAD on the front. My toms are maple and they sound so beautiful with those g2's. They have the perfect amount of resonance. The snare ST dry will stand up to any beating I give it and still it can take more. My bass with those two heads on is soooooooo deep and punchy. People are always telling me how good my drums sound especially my bass. And it is all because of the heads I use. I don't care for remo's because the glued filament that you have break and it is ready hard for me to get them evenly tuned.


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I personally prefer Remo heads, mind you it has been some time since I have actually experimented with other manufacturers. If I were going for a big open sound I would probably go with clear ambassadors on toms with a bit looser tuning. I always use a power stroke 3 with dot for my snare and a clear power stroke 3 on my kick. I have two kits so I typically keep one kit set up with these heads and the other with coated emperiors on toms and the same snare and kick heads. This gives me a darker tighter sound on that kit. Any way thats my two cents! Good luck!


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ive been in drum sales for almost two years at guitar center and iver realized not one company has it over any other . each will have some thing good and bad and all different sounds. heres what ive accumulated over the past years about remo and evans.
rings and collar stay in shape alot better. much more sturdy and easy to tune.coating doesnt last as long. two ply's resonate alot longer than evans. alot less inperfections. good quality control. collar pops in to shape when seated on head.
ring does bend when u bend it so to tune it very percisely you"ll need two keys. coating lasts alot longer. evans comes out with new ideas and new heads alot more often than remo. with two ply heads evans puts a tiny hole in the outer ply so air gets in. although they dont resonate as well as remos the lil hole does give you alot deeper tone.evans is owned by d'addario who makes strings so theyre key focus isnt just heads.

i think the closest thing youll find to dw heads as well as works good for recording is evans EC2's . theyll give you alot of articulation which you need for recording but alot of depth and tone as well.


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I use Remo heads.
For the last project I worked on I used:
22" Clear Powerstroke 3 heads for the kick tuned with a Drum Dial tuner low. Plenty of punch and warmth for an 18x22 kick.
Clear Ambassadors on all toms batter and resonant tuned mid.
Coated Ambassador on snare batter and clear Ambassador on snare side. I tune my snare high.
I have since switched to the smooth white Ambassadors for the snare batter...I have recorded a sample track with it and was pleased.


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On my previous kit i used just remo ambasadors but had an evans EQ on my bass and that has never steered me wrong

i was going to do the same on my new kit but the new Remo Bass drum skins are pretty awesome so i had clear ambassadors allt he way round for batter and ressonant and a coated ambassador for my snare

cant say im a big fan of coated skins for my toms but each to there own


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Remo ebony heads are one of the best i have used if you are an agressive drummer.these things sound great and can take a hella beating. also the remo pinstrip oil filled heads are good for tone and responce.just dont get em cold lol. :roll:


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I hate Remo heads for one reason and one reason only: The white coating on their coated heads comes off on your sticks and marks up your cymbals. You'd think since Evans and Attack's coating don't come off, Remo would have figured something out by now. :roll:


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Check out aquarians double thins, i love them not so great on 10"tom though unles you tune high!! but have to have EQ2 on kick drum!


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screamkevin":3lqcn8sm said:
I hate Remo heads for one reason and one reason only: The white coating on their coated heads comes off on your sticks and marks up your cymbals. You'd think since Evans and Attack's coating don't come off, Remo would have figured something out by now. :roll:
I have been playing coated batter heads on my toms for like 3 years and the coating has NEVER come off...Are you playing with broken sticks son? :lol:


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At last nights practice, the bass player commented on the pure sound of my tom's "they sound really smooth".

Evan's G2's and I will never change my opinion of them until someone shows me a better drum head. I've had Remo ambassadors and pinstripes and the double layer oil filled remos and none of them come close to the G2.

Oh and mine are coated and haven't marked yet since playing them for over a month with slightly worn sticks. 8)


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Evans drumheads

toms batter: G2 clear
toms resonance: G1 clear

For fat tone

Snare side:evans hazy 300
Snare batter: evans Rock af [armid fiber]

Bass Drum Resonant: eq3 black
Bass Drum batter:EMAD!!!!!!!

my kit has never sounded better....

tune your toms good for less sustain or just cut your old snare heads n create ur own rings!



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i use aquarians all the way around...aquarian fusion x on my snare,and studio x clear batters for my toms...i still havent changed my bass head which is just a coated remo but im about to....evans are better than remo but i get warmer tones from aquarians....i used to be a big remo fan but ever since i got the fusion x head for my snare i couldnt stand my tom tones with the clear ambassadors...i dont know...its all about personal preference