Drum Goals


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This is going to be a weekly or monthly post (depends on popularity and other things) about what you look to accomplish in drumming in the near future.

For this week I would personally love to finally nail down The Light That Blinds by Shadows Fall.
I would also like to learn Needles and Your Bore by Seether.

So how about you guys?


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kamelots march of mephisto..

my friends trying to teach me symphony x's medusas eye on the side.

but the double bass work is just so intense for me. :(


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well i would like to nail seven nation army....its sooo hard!!! jp but i need to get welcome to paradise by green day down cause my guitarist wants to play it. ive only played it twice so yea. btw im not a noob punk drummer, thts just wht we decided to play at the moment.