Drum Frame


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Okay, does anybody know what this is all about? If it's effective, if it works well, how much it costs. I want to know everything you guys have.


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Drum rack and drum frame are two different things. Honestly I don't see any reason to buy drum frame. I does look good, but it seems to be hard to transport and it limits your setup possibilities a bit(in my opinion, of course :) )

here's a pic of a drum frame



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The DrumFrame, invented by Bob Gatzen, allows many drummers to continue their playing careers despite severe back problems.

The DrumFrame was created to be completely ergonomically correct, saving pressure and pain on the spine, and thereby the legs and trunk as well. The kit mounts onto the DrumFrame and the whole thing tilts slightly back.

Drummers that use/have used the DrumFrame include Russ Miller, Dennis Chambers, Will Kennedy, Tony Royster Jr, Eddie Bayers, and more.

It is, however, very pricey. :cry:

Here's the link: http://www.drumframe.com/index.html


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Very pricey as stated but extremly comforable. Also a bit of pain in to tear down and set up all the time if your doing gigs all the time...unless of course you are luck enough to have roadies.