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Do we have any followers/members? I might be on Pioneer this summer, I basically got called in to send a video on Tenors. Didn't have to audition, just got asked. It's pretty kool.

Anyone also into Indoor/WGI?



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i did it in college i loved it.
if you wanna know a funny story we did
a show with the theme of childrens books
and the opening set was the floor
was litered with childrens books and
some prop books we made just to make it
look all cool and what not anyways
one of the books as a joke we wrote on it
"daddy drinks because you cry"
the judge saw that and actully added points to our score
for making him laugh. haha.

but congrats on pioneer good group man
if you make it youll deff love it.
the only reason i didnt do it was because
i was such a hardcore marching guy that i cared nothin
about cool props and visual affects it was all about music.
i deff regret that choice dont get me wrong marching 2 years with
maddison scouts was the highlight of my life,
but still going into the music bussiness now which is all visual affect
and glitz and glamore i wish i did do wgi and dci. but beggers cant be choosers right?

good luck man youll love it.
and remember take in everything you learn from there
youd be amazed at how much you learn and apply to real life.