Drum cases


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I am looking for durable, long lasting drum case to be used for transporting my kit from SC-NY and also to and from a show, any suggestions on a brand or past problems with a certain brand would greatly be appreciated.Thanks


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i agree with the skb cases...i have one for my spaun snare and i have no regrets about buying it. theyre expensive and i dont even use mine much but i love having it for whenever i move my snare around. a great investment.


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The thing to remember about drum cases is that you can use one set of cases for multiple kits. I just have one case for each of the sizes I use and no matter what kit I take, I always use the same cases. If you add a drum or two that isn't one of the sizes you already have a case for, just add a new case, and you'll be able to transport anything. The SKB cases have a lifetime warranty, and they actually honor it! Unless they get stolen, you'll never buy cases again.


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SKB cases are nice, but they do come usually at a high price. The SKB cymbal vault is the best hard shell cymbal case out there. For all my drums I got protection racket cases. Every time I want to play drums I have to travel and put them up in a remote parking lot. So you could say I do travel with the drums frequently. So far the the PR cases have held up and they have the softest wool interior around. I'd say for an eight piece kit all the PR cases cost me about $415.