Drum books/dvd's


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can anyone recommend some of the best books/dvd's etc... for all aspects of drumming.

I've heard good thingd about Thomas Lang's creative control dvd and George Lawrence Stone's stick control book.

are these two as good as they say?

Any other suggestions?



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Stick control is a good one to have.

I'd recommend thomas lang's newer dvd creadtive cordination, its really good.

I think Neil Peart's A Work In Progress dvd is also really good and has a lot on approaching a song and creating drums to go with it.

Extreme interdependance by marco minnemann is also a pretty good one.

Syncopathion by ted reed

Drum Technique for the mordern drummer as applied to be-bop and jazz by Jim Chapin

Odd Time Reading Text by Louie Bellson is really good if you want to get into od time signatures.

Heard good things about a book called The New Breed but haven't been able to get ahold of a copy yet.

so yeah, there's a few for you.


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I just picked up Carter Beauford (Dave Mathews Band) "Under the Table and Drumming". He uses an open technique which is cool to watch. Good DVD to have in a collection.


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The New Breed by Gary Chester is definately a good book
You can go through that book anyway you want to but you'll come out sounding much better

The Art Of Bop Drumming by John Riley is a book ive heard good things about....
check 'em out