Drum bags with carry straps?


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Hello all,

I'm new to the forum, so hello! :)

I play a very stripped down drum kit and I'm in need of some bags to transport on trains, tubes and in cars! My setup is as follows:

16x16 floor tom - upright, doubles as a bass drum
14x5 snare
Hi hat stand with 10" hats
Boom stand with 12" splash and 8" chinese stacked
Single bass drum pedal with reversed beater

That's it! Basically I'm looking for some bags with straps so that I can put my hardware into a bag with wheels and carry the rest on my shoulders. Problem is, the only ones I've found are Ritter - can't seem to find any UK dealers with the sizes I need - and Beato, the latter of which is only available in the US and the shipping/duty was more than the bags!

Any suggestions would be great. I've considered attaching straps to regular bags but I'd prefer something that was made for the purpose to ensure longevity!



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Did you tried asking in this shop:

If not write a massage to them maybe they will help you.