Drum Amps


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I just purchased a V-Compact about a month ago and I absolutely love it. My original intention was just to use it for practice at home, because of noise issues with an acoustic. However, my bass player came over yesterday and he, more so then myself, was discussing the possibility of using it in a live situation. I know that it can be routed a a pa system, but I just wanting to know the difference between a drum amp vs. guitar/bass amp. I do have a practice bass amp at home and I plugged the set in and noticed that it wasn't picking up the nuances. Why is this the case?


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amps designed for specific instruments are typically voiced for the tones or frequency spectrum that particular instrument produces.
This is determined by factors including the preamp, speaker, and cabinet/enclosure specs. Bass amps emphasize low freqs and may compromise the high-end, where all your cymbals and snare tones live. Guitar amps will compromise the low-end, though 'closed-back' cabs can make up a bit for that loss. Still, either is a great choice for E-drums because you're covering such a wide area of the sonic spectrum.

The best choice if you HAVE to use a combo amp is to use one made for Keyboards; it will typically cover a wider freq range than any other (bass, guitar, etc)

Best bet is a modular PA with full-range speakers and a healthy power amp. The more headroom the better!
Many people run a mono-mix for E-drums; you can typically get more power this way, and depending on where you're performing it eliminates the positional effects that will cause people to hear different things when standing in different parts of the room.