Dream Scenarios


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If you had the choice of playing with any bassist that has ever lived, who would it be?

Personally I would choose Cliff Burton.

Also if you could choose any drummer tthat has ever lived to have a drum battle with, who would it be?

For this, I would choose Dave Grohl.


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Bassist - Geddy Lee

Drummer - the girl from the white stripes cuz it would make me look like thomas lang ( sorry to anyone that just loves her drumming )


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For Bass- John Entwhistle(The Who) or Ryan Martinie(Mudvayne)

Drum Battle- Stewart Copeland(I would get my ass handed to me but it would be fun) or Charlie Watts(then I would win! :D )


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bassist - Les Claypool. cmon guys thatd be a fun jam right there.
drum battle - Dana Carvy (not dany cary) for an actor hes really a really good drummer. plus ya gota have the funny voices during the odd moments in the battle


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Any bassist in the world? I'm tempted to say John Patitucci, but he'd leave me in the dust. I'd settle for Nathan East because that dude can lay it down low. I imagine him being really easy to play with because he's so accommodating to the drummer. Or Rocco Prestia, because he plays all those streams of 16ths and I wouldn't have to do much to sound funky.

No drum battles for me, thank you.


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Mine's easy.

Bass: Rocco Prestia (Tower Of Power)

Drums: David Garibaldi (Tower Of Power)

In my opinion, best rhythm section EVER.