Dream Cymbals


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All I know is that, come this weekend, there's a dream 18" crash/ride that's trashy as can be that has my name on it.


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I bought both the 22 and 20 off of Rufus and love them. Really do have a lot of tone. The 22 was a little hard to get used to, sticking is hard to explain, but really do love these cymbals.


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I have both a 20" Bliss which is crazy washy, and while I do like this cymbal its not my favorite. I also have a 22" Contact which is dry as can be with clear stick definition and a loud ass big bell. I dont use it as a main ride either but sometimes ill toss it up for a heavier song.
One thing for sure about Dream is make sure you hand pick them. I had the fortune of being able to handpick from dozens of different models and the really do differ quite significantly, each cymbal is very individual.


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i changed this thread to a sticky and renamed it appropriately. We need a section for this.

hope that was ok modifying your thread hardcore :)


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Does anyone here use them for rock/metal/pop?

It seems that these are perfect for jazz but I'd be interested to hear how the go in louder music styles.


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the contacts sounds pretty nice and will mesh nicely with the bliss for a good dynamic range. haven't heard much of the energy series, although a local shop where i live carries all three, and they'll let you test drive 'em before buying. i stopped in, played and listened to a few and ended up buying a bliss 19" crash/ride. it really does sound awesome. i love it. not sure of the weight...it's thin but seems like it would work well in most settings. the contact and energy series are heavier weighted though and are designed more toward a rock setting. anyway, very nice-sounding, hand-crafted and hammered cymbals for a low price. in fact, i go back in a week or so to pick up a bliss 20" crash/ride they're holding for me and hope i have enough to score a contact 22" ride and some hats too. that would be a good day.


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We saw some really nice Dreams at Drt. They packed their booth with some really nice pies. I wanted to buy one, but after I bought my SuperNatural ride I was broke. Still would like to get one though.


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Ive been playing around with dreams for awhile at my local drum shop and they are FANTASTIC im thinking of purchasing a 24'' bliss ride and converting it to a "sizzler" FANTASTIC cymbals if you appreciate a vintage tonal quality.