dream band

juNgle beatZ

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if you could get any musician to play in your dream who'd you get, assuming of course that you would be the drummer?

mine line up would be:

Flea - bass
Derek Sherinian - keyboards
Adam Jones - guitar
Amon Tobin - programing & samples


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mine would be:

Thobias Gabrielsson - bass
DJ Numark - samples

and I really don't need anyone else ;)


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Devin Townsend on Vocals & Guitar
Jaco on Bass
Steve Lukather on Guitar
Nobua Uemetsu on keyboards
Motoi Sakuraba on keyboards & synths


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Apart from myself on drums, I would ad:

Jimmy Page - Guitar
John Sykes - Guitar
Steve Hackett - Guitar
Chris Squire - Bass
Jon Lord - Hammond
Rick Wakeman - Keyboards
Lead Vocals - Ian Gillan
Lead Vocals - Robert Plant
Lead Vocals - Ronnie James Dio

Apart from myself and mr Sykes, we would obviously play in a time-warp, and forever be lost in time between 1972-1976... 8)


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Besides myself, I would add:

Colin Newman- Vocals
Steve Albini- Guitar, vocals
Santiago Durango- Guitar
Greg Nangle- Bass


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Too many great musicians I couldn't choose even three guitarists so how about.....

Thomas Lang
Virgil Donati
Neil Peart
Mike Portnoy
Zakir Hussien
Steve Smith
Marco Minnemann
Terry Bozzio
and a tree that grows money


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Oh man this is tough....Here we go -

Vocal - Dave Grohl / Matt Heafy,

Guitar - Steve Holt (36 Crazyfists),

Guitar - Mike Einziger,

Keys - John Lord (Deep Purple) or Jordan Rudess,

Bass - Flea (Oo originallity!),

Drums - ME :!: :!: :!: Or Thomas Noonan (36 Crazyfists).

Yes please.[/b]


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Bass-Jason "Jay" James (having his scream would be kickass)
Guitar-Dimebag Darrell Abbott or Jerry Cantrell
Rhythm Guitar-Layne Staley
Drums-Me along with Dave Grohl
Vocals-Me and Kurt Cobain
Backing Vocals-Jason "Jay" James, Layne Staley, and Jerry Cantrell

Lineup of musicians that are still alive:

Bass-Jason "Jay" James
Guitar-Jerry Cantrell, Marty Friedman, and Dave Mustaine
Drums-Me along with Dave Grohl
Backing Vocals-Jason "Jay" James, Jerry Cantrell, and Dave Mustaine.


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chino moreno and zach de la rocha on vox
stanley jordan on guitar
dave holland on bass
roy hargrove on trumpet w/ effects
didier lockwood on violin w/ effects

we would have the most brutal triphop band known to man.