Double Stroke Rolls And Accents


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does anyone have any advice about how to build my double stroke rolls up? i want them to sound like continuous single stroke rolls, but all i seem to manage is a spazzy kind of staggered rr,ll feel and sound. there is distinction between the two hands. how can i overcome this?



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What I do is practice, very slowly, doubles like so:

rr ll rr ll rr ll rr ll

Then I switch to singles, using the same tempo and spacing the strokes equidistant apart as close to the double as I can get it, like so:

r l r l r l r l r l r l r l r l

I then speed up a little bit each run through, alternating the two each cycle.

I'm a whole lot better than I was a year ago, which is when I first started this exercise.

Also, if you can determine which hand is weaker at this, try playing 16ths on the strong hand, and whatever amount you played on your strong hand, double it up on your weak hand, like so:

r r r r r r r r


l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l

I hope this helps! Go practice!


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Pull the second stroke out a bit more

|| : rR lL rR lL : ||

Here's the trick- your brain will want to swap the strokes around so it's important to keep that second one strong.

Another way to do it is to "stagger" the phrase

|| : R lL rR lL r : ||

The logic is this- when you do double strokes, the first inclination is to play the strong note on the first beat. Rr Ll etc. When you do this, you "push down". By switching the emphasis, you are "pulling up" or "lifting" the strokes, therefore strengthening your double strokes.

As you get faster at this, the process of playing double strokes starts to smooth out and they become solid.


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for double stroke roll, practice flam taps. when you isolate a flam tap, each hand is basically doing over lapping 3's. this will help you with the finger control and help to control your rebound. but make sure you're focusing on playing your flam taps properly with good accented note heights and good low grace notes. bad practice wont help ya very much.


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PRACTICE!!!!! lol and you can put 4 roles of duct tape on each stick and keep on practicing your doubles with those. and once you get comfturbal, add another role of tape on. and once you start playing with regular sticks, you'll fly lol. playing marching style help too.


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The key to successful double strokes is u must allow the sticks to bounce and both strokes must be even. and at the same height. practice bouncing the sticks off the head evenly. Check out Joe Morello's book " master studies" or his dvd. He has incredible technique. Dont choke the stick by not allowing it to bounce evenly. Another approach after u have mastered even strokes is to accent the second double stroke in each hand. check out this chop building exercise


This is the stone killer exercise from joe morello's book. Even strokes focus on finger,wrist bounce and smoothness......DRUMTEACHER41


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I pride myself on my double stroke rolls, which I picked up in my many years playing in drumlines. There are several things that can help you improve.

First "datats": rr rr rr rr r r and ll ll ll ll l l (if that makes sense) over and over for 5 and then ten minutes on each hand. Practice on a pillow but be careful not to over do it. Practice on a pad or drum too using your wrist, more fingers as the tempo gets faster. Concentrate on stroking everything with this exercise and not depending on the rebound for the second stroke. Then, do this same exercise accenting the second stroke. If your left hand is weak, do this exercise twice as long on your left hand.

Second, practice starting the roll with your left hand. I find this always helps me to even them out.

Third, find some good drumline style warm ups and exercises that focus specifically on drag patterns. Practice them at different tempos and stick heights.

Fourth, listen to the sound of your roll and force yourself to bring up that left hand. It also helps to practice in front of a mirror and make sure your stick heights are the same. Bring the left hand up to match the right.

You must find the proper balance between stroke and rebound. Practice letting the stick bounce exactly one time after the initial stroke, but also practice completely stroking each note. You are going for a nice even sound where the "rebound" stroke is at the same volume and intensity as the intitial stroke. I recommend Thom Hannum's book "Championship Concepts for Marching Percussion" to get a good handle on this.


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I take it your a kit drummer?
Buy drum corp sticks. They are way heavy and will help you build wrist strength & speed.

Also, practice triple stroke rolls. Learning them will make your double strokes way faster & tighter in no time.

I like to do single, double then triple.

r l r l - rr ll rr ll - rrr lll rrr lll


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a good exercise my drum teacher did with me to work up the strength of both hands, and general control was:

Rrrr Rrrr Rrrr Rrrr / rrRr rrRr rrRr rrRr / RRRR RRRR RRRR RRRR /
Llll Llll Llll Llll / llLl llLl llLl llLl / LLLL LLLL LLLL LLLL /


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Eveything above helps. here another tip. Start really, really slow - so you're playing two single strokes on the same hand - with no bounce - stroke each one with the same velocity by keeping all of your fingers on the stick and using only your wrist for the strokes. Speed up until you get to the point where you have to release your fingers a bit to get the sticks to bounce but your wrist movement remains the same. If it starts sounding uneven, slow back down and regain control then gradually speed up again.

It's difficult at first, but it builds your strength and consistency. Give it a month or so.



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i use this old thing i picked up in drumline to perfect my double strokes

:r l r l rr ll rr ll r l r l rr ll rr ll:

start it off slowly, then build up speed as you repeat it. its helped me tremendously.



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Here's one that seems to be an old-time favorite:

||: rlrl rlrl rlrl rlrl | rllr rllr rllr rllr | lrlr lrlr lrlr lrlr | lrrl lrrl lrrl lrrl :||

This exercise forces you to "push" those doubles more and your brain thinks less of bouncing.