Double pedal or double bass?

Which one's better?

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Even though my kit is double bass, I use and recommend my Tama Iron Cobra Rolling Glide double pedal. Using two pedals is great, but it's a real pain in the backside to tune a pair of kick drums the same. So for ease of use, I use the double pedal.


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Double bass drums are fun, but require much more work. You have to tune both drums pretty much the same which can take a while to get right. Plus all the extra care you need reguired with two bass drums. I prefer double bass pedals.


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Double bass pedal is so much easier, no need to clutter the car witrh two huge bass drums, even though they look good.

I've played a double bass for about four years, stunning but I still prefer the double pedal.



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I think double bass drums are the way to go,because it gives you way more power and confidence behind the set,and it dose not matter if they are tuned the same or not because that's what makes it your sound.

it's worth the hall :D


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back in the day i had 2 24x24's :shock: got real tired of luggin/tunin those bad boys..but i've noticed the older i get the less stuff i use...hell when your only playin a 45 minute set and there's another band watin to jump on the stage...less is better!!

plus the dbl pedal allows me to set up my kit the way i really want it... 8)


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I guess two kicks demand that you spread your legs a little wider than you would do with a double pedal.
I use an Iron Cobra twin pedal. I have the same approach towards the kicks as towards the snare- if I can play everything on one snare, than why should I use two kicks? :) Of course if you play really fast the natural sound of the kicks starts gets distorted and you can't really hears every single stroke. Hey, but that's the same with the buzz roll on the snare- your not supposed to hear every stroke :)


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I actually prefer double bass setups over double kick pedals however i found that im faster with with the double kick pedals than with double bass. But when I use a double base set up I tune my kickers different tones.

Capeside Alex

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double pedal in my opinion. maybe unless you have incredible triggers, or have the time and money for double bass. just a smarter way to go. i'd rather learn how to play double pedal before investing that much money into a decent kit mad for double bass. i learned with a double pedal, and still constantly accel at it. always driving to be better, and still feel no need to go to a second kick drum. im happy with a simplistic 4 piece setup.

capeside alex

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If you are planning on staying in your basement and jamming your whole life OR you have a roadies to set up your kit, go with a double kick set.

If you are going to be playing out with any frequency at all, get a double pedal...the soundmen, your band, your back and sanity will ALL thank you.



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a few years ago I would have said go double bass. but the peddles are getting so good now its not worth it. save money time space and pain and go double peddle.


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I have been playing double bass for 28 years, and I have tried the double pedal and personaly I hate it :( ..... I know any of you that have been playing DB vs DP it is a different feel. The DB way is smoother then the DP for me.. you have one head that is vibrating and being hit at in and out motions and this to me at least feels sloppy. I also don't agree with the heads having to be tuned to the same pitch as the other. This is what makes the patterns sound diffrent and fuller. So the DB way gets my vote. Yes it is a pain to lug them around but once ya get on stage they look and sound great..BOOOOOOOM:mrgreen:


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Ultimately, I love having two kicks. I got the 2nd BD because I always felt like I wasn't hitting dead-center back in my dbl pedal days, therefor not delivering the type of deep thud acheived when you hitting the BD dead-center.

As far as tuning, I tune the slave BD one octave higher then my primary.

Forget all that "it's not practical BS" if the venue's people are cool w/it, I say set up the dbl BD kit and then proceed with total & absolute desctruction, mayhem, and oh yeah, have fun!




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im a double bass kind of guy! i have invested in a double pedal and tried it out as well, but it wasn't my kind of look nor was it the right feel for me. When playing a double pedal i notice that you don't have the same freedom with your left (in some cases right) foot. the main kick does the work, and with left foot, you have to sort of play while adjusting to the bounce and such from the other kick that had just happened. (don't get me wrong, its not hard to adjust) but i like the feel, the look, and the sound of two individual bass drums better! just my look on it though HAHA!


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I've used both, and still stand by the double pedal. It feels better to me, I get a more even tuning sound, and I'm not worried about a soundman not giving that second kick enough love in the mix.