Double Bass Practice Songs

Drum Death

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I apologise if this topic has already been done before.

Can you guys suggest some songs for me to play along to that has basic double bass?
Songs with just basic, straight forward 16th notes on the double bass. I'm after songs that aren't too fast or to advanced.
I have some songs like Motley Crue - Red Hot and Grip Inc. - Ostracized.

Capeside Alex

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this might sound gay, but i started with Korn, and then to Slipknot, and then to one of my fave bands now, Misery Signals, and now i am where i am. i could care less what half of the drummers could say about my influences, but they were parts of my life, and stepping stones to help me move forward to where i am to date. but it depends on your drive, and how often you're willing to put time into it. double kick takes a lot of dedication. you really have to work at coordination, and endurance. that's my two cents.



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and also, Shadows Fall for when you've advanced a good bit. Check out Sevendust as well, Morgan ROse does some pretty rightous dbl bassin on their latest "Next" release.




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songs are great to practice double bass on ( i started with Metallica covers) but i found that the best way to go is to get a metronome that you can plug sound isolation headphones into and play to that...first start out slow and as you get more comfortable, work you way up! some people get behind the kit and want to go all Joey Jordison or Slayer and thrash it out, which most of the time leads to sloppier playing (NOT ALL OF THE TIME).

the first song i played double bass 16th notes was St. Anger and i realized then that it was uncomfortable and too fast for me at that time! a metronome/click track will do wonders...i love turning it on and just playing to that alone! but yea, Metallica songs and Megadeth is what i started on for Double Bass! (a good song too is Necroshine by Overkill! lots of double bass there! hope you find what ur lookin for. :D


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The song that helped me develop a solid foundation with my double bass was "hyperviolet" by pig destroyer. It's a grindcore band but the beat stays consistent on the kick drums. It's a semi-fast tempo. Also this song has a few fills in it that will help with hand work if you can keep up.


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"Brick By Brick" - Grade 8
"Silenced" - Mudvayne
"We Will Rise" - Archenemy
"This Is Now" - Hatebreed
"Fixation On The Darkness" - Killswitch Engage
"Ruin" - Lamb of God (break it down, it is really simple, just sounds hard)
"Battle Ready" - Otep

Try some of those.


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my two favourite feet practice songs are:
Acid Rain by Liquid Tension Experiment
Forclosure of a Dream by Megadeth (not just straight 16th notes)
fuck man i started off playin slayer and metallica then i got over that and went to like hardcore and how i learnd was aftermath by xdeathstarx thats a perfict song for double bass ull like that its constent all the way through the song and some other shit but all there is to it is to practice man thats all i can say cuz u try so hard and u cant get it but its ganna be like piuberty u know like nite u go to sleep with no hair then u wake up and u have hair on ur nuts its like u cant do it then one day after all that practice ur goin to man lol

Please don't post like this anymore.


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as much as i love KoRn start off with Faget by KoRn, thats pretty basic and an awesome tune

Also people = shit by slipknot, the double bass drumming isnt 2 difficult,, those were the 2 songs that got me started on double bass drumming, hope it helps


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Good ones to practice by DREAM THEATER are.

Caught In A Web-Awake
Under A Glass Moon-I&W
The Glass Prison-6 Degrees

Rob the Drummer

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I wouldn't start with a song. You should learn technique and then speed. Start slow with proper technique and work your way fast. The metronome and iso-phones are a good idea as mentioned by prog. You don't wanna just jump into Slayer, you will destroy yourself. Drumming is a life long thing, you don't wanna have a bunch of medical problems because of poor technique. Work good technique, start slow, and most importantly- be comfortable!


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THREE WORDS..................

"Hot For Teacher" by VAn Halen

...I'm through
Agreed.. EXCEPT ... I've never seen them do it live... Studio is one thing.. BUT live?????

now ya talk Portnoy... Thats the Heat!... PERIOD... just watch his videos.. technically SOUND!!!!! and doing it LIVE ... WOW!


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i started with Metallica, Megadeth now i am on to bands like Dream Theater, Rush, Slipknot, Trivium and what not


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there's a great article by Jason Bittner about getting started with double bass playing in a recent MD (the one with S.Copeland on the cover)

check it out