Double bass pedals or double bass drums?


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Personally I cannot stand double bass pedals. I prefer two bass drums over doubles pedals. Its just the feel, and the left pedal is usually slower than the right pedal. It feels like I cant go as fast on double pedals for some reason. It feels sloppy, just the feel of two beaters on one head feels weird. Its as almost like if theres two people jumping right next to each other on a know what Im talking about right? But oh well, I mean this is just my opinion, I just love the feel of two bass drums over double pedals.


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Personally i cant stand double bass drum kits because i hate tuning two bass drums. My double bass pedals are pretty crappy as it is, however, i would rather play on them than a double bass kit.

Rob the Drummer

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It's all personal preference.

Two bass drums are just overkill for what I do, but I do like the feel of two bass drums and the fact that you can tune them a little bit different from each other.

Two Kicks aslo have a few disadvantages.
1. Take up lots of space on stage.
2. Take up more room in car or trailer.
3. Harder to position the hi hats (can be w


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Double bass drums is easily the way for me. I LOVE it that way. Yes there are drawbacks but I'll take them.


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I have had both at one time or another. IMO I prefer double pedals. It just comes down when your a giging 3 nights a week you prefer not dragging around a monsterous kit


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I personally, according to the style that I play, prefer a single kick setup. But a long time ago I used to play double kick with a great Gibraltar double kick, and most recently switched to the Tama Iron Cobra.

I have played once or twice on a double kick drum array, I must say that depending on the size of the two kicks, (no more then 21" preferably), the double kick pedal seems to be more natural feeling if you're used to primarily playing in a single kick setup. Double kick drums require a little bit of re-acquainting yourself with a new setup. It also does take up much space, so if you're planning on using that kind of a setup at a smaller venue, you should check the dimensions of your kit before planning on setting it up on any given drum stage.


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i prefer double bass drums because with a pedal u cancel the vibes that the bass provides for least with a double barrel u can learn to tune the bass drums the same and it gives u practice on ur tuning abilities :wink:


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OK, in my 30 something of playtime, I have used both, Double Bassdrums and Double Pedals. I myself can go either way. Its a wonder to have two pounding Basses, but unless you have a fulltime DrumTech and a bunch of roadies workin for you at every gig, the Double pedal setup is the best way. I play a wide range of music, styles, and so on, so I prefer the pedals. Of course I use a 20X24 Bass, so I get the Monster sound out of a single drum. :twisted:


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I have played and still do play both.
Double kicks is the way to go for me. The drums are centered around the snare and everything feels more even, and you can get the pedals even, unlike with a double pedal.
It doesn't take me more time to set up because I can center everything easier with two kicks. On a single kick I have to constantly adjust everything to get it close to comfortable.
Tuning two kicks the same is a hell of a lot easier than trying to get a double pedal to sound and feel the same, for me at least.
No complaints about carrying stuff from me. I don't have roadies and I usually don't accept any help (people don't know what they're doing) and it's never been a problem for me.
As far as stage space, I set up my single kick set about the same way I do my double kick set, so they take up the same space, one just has gaping holes where drums could go.
So for me, double kicks just fit better.
I've been playing with a double pedal for my entire 12 years playing, but whenever i get the chance, i play with two bass drums, i like the feeling alot more, theres more freedom with it, although i can never get them to sound the same, thats one thing i dont like about it, other than that, if i could afford two bass drums, i would definately rather have that instead.


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I have a double bass drum kit.

I sometimes, and by sometimes i do mean rarely, ever use one bass drum.. My feet work faster since I use the Heel-Toe technique on a set of DW 5000's.

on my recordings with the band, I used only 1 bass drum.


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wht ever works, i am partial 2 the fact tht havin 2 kicks kan cause problems, but 2 kicks does look kool though


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i love playing with two bass drums cause i feel the same way i feel like the left one on the double pedal is slower then the right one


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I've used both, and personally I think that the double-pedal is a fuckload more conveient than the double bass set, but I like my double bass kit that im usen right now, my advice is get the double bass kit, but keep a double-pedal nearby.