double bass drum exercises


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ive noticed my feet have gotten slower and im not sure if its my pedal, lack of practice or a combination of both.

just wondering if anyone knows of any good excersises or books that will increase my speed AND control. i think for the most part i just need more dexterity.

also, are ankle weights usefull?


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anything you would practice with your hands, do with your feet. get a snare drum book and use it for your bass drums.

and as for ankle weights, they'll help build your legs but when you start playing double bass and want speed you dont use much leg anyway. if anything, put them around the ball of your foot so you can build your ankles up.


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Good advice from drummert2k. Also what helped me was to make sure that your pedals are adjusted correctly, tensions, pedal height and beater settings make a big difference especially when using slave pedals. As far as endurance and speed i would just sit with the pedals and bass drum or practice pad alone and do rudiments with my feet. There are also some helpful heel toe tecniques to help improve speed and control. Actually I saw a forum hear maybe a year ago with some really helpful wav files to practice with. Good luck.


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try doing the paradiddle pyramid with your feet, it will help you learn control. If you're not sure what that is, it's a paradiddle, then a double paradiddle, then a triple paradiddle, like this.. RLRR LRLL then go to RLRLRR LRLRLL then RLRLRLRR LRLRLRLL then back down.