Double Bass Drum Batter Head Tension?


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So I own Roland Vdrums & a Gretsch & Sabian acoustic. If I had to pick one it'd be the Acoustic! It's way more musical & dynamic byfar. & the Roland is the ideal, quiet practice kit I could occasionally play Live for variety.:roll:

I use the Drumdial to set my Emad batter & Emad resonant heads to 74 on the Drumdial. Roland Mesh Vdrum heads have tons of bounce! Acoustics do not bounce at all by comparison! So my question is: How can I setup my Acoustic batter & resonant bass drum heads to get great bounce like my Vdrums heads? I use the standard DW 9002 double pedal with very light spring tension, hard plastic side of the DW beaters, the double chain drive, etc. I want to be able to play the endless double & triple strokes on my Gretsch Bass drum that I can on my Roland Vdrums on double bass! Help! :(


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put mesh heads on the acoustic kit and trigger it. otherwise theres no way te get the high tension springy rebound off of a 22 inch kick as you do with a 10 inch high tension mesh pad. unless you crank the tuning of your bass drum up to about the pitch of your floor tom.


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do you use any type of kickpad on your head? I think remo makes one out of won't really mess with the sound and it'll provide a nice bounce back especially when you're using the hard side of a bass beater.