Don't you just hate it when...


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You feel really ill and have to gig?!?

It would take alot for me to cancel or turn down a gig, and in the 5yrs of me playing I have yet to do so, but i feel like shit today, My head feel like it's going to explode and the muscles in my arms are killing me! I have taken a pain killers and done everything i should to relieve the tension and pain and nothing has worked! I think i am going to suffer tonight :(


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have been there. Haven't canceled yet either, but sure wished I could on several occasions. Sometimes those are your better gigs though, since you can't really overthink them, you're just trying to get through.

I bet it will go well for you!
hope you feel better soon


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Thanx babe, well i did the gig lastnight and to be honest, I'd rather have cancelled, the crowd was sssooooo boring with a few exceptions, the sound engineer was pants and i feel worser off for it!

Oh well atleast i didn't cancel!


Hell yeah it really sucks having to play when your sick.....I remember last year when I had alcohol poisoning and I had to puke between songs.....was kind of funny but I felt like poisoning is a biznatch as well!