dont u hate kids who dont even drum and say u suck?


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i mean i just had my myspace and the kid
obviuslly picking on me cause he knows i dont like him says ur band should kick u ut u suck

i eman personally i dont think i bad its just a small room and a normal camra were not all sound pro.'s here im only 14

so i text him "hey wtf how am i bad"
he says "well i listen to good bands"
so i say "so whats so bad about me and so what if im not good as the dave mathews band's drummer im only 14" and he never texted back ....

here sme playing do u think im bad/ what i eed improvement on

=( ... =203645841

dave lynch

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You're on the right track...Don't worry about what that kid said...Two things..You'll always be a better drummer then some and there will always be some drummers better then you..So do your best, have fun and try to be as tasty as you can..Now go get em !!


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Seriously, that's one of those kids who probably thinks that Joey Jordison is the best drummer. I'm so sick of them.

I thought you played fine. A couple fills feel a bit rushed, but who cares? The groove was solid, nuff said.

What I think is annoying is non-drummers who take it upon themselves to cristen the greatest drummer. Many of them have told me that "Fear Factory's Drummer is the best"; they didn't even know his name (Raymond Herrera). Lots of people say Joey Jordison. One guy told me, "you'll never be Staind's drummer".

Granted, they're all phenomenal (the drummers, not the "critics"), but my goal in the scheme of things is not to compete with them. Rather, I think of the drumming community as a cooperative, where I can take ideas from them. If someone took an idea from me, that would be the ultimate compliment.


Steven McTowelie

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dude, just ignore myspace kids. people who sit around dishing hate on the internet all day have nothing better to do, maybe his time would be better spent by i don't know, getting off his ass and actually learning an instrument??? maybe then people would take their opinions seriously.

it's a pain in the ass i know but just ignore it, one day when you're a pro drummer he'll still be sitting on his ass at the computer typing insults because he has nothing better to do. ps you're definitely on the right track with your band!


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Dont worry about that when i was in middle school there was this fat mexican kid that alaways told me that i sucked and my band suck but i didnt listen to him i tryed to get better at playing
you dont suck at not bad...and you have a really nice lookin kit....the only ppl that suck are liars....all the drummers out there should know wat i mean...the ones that have friends says the can stuff like Jojo Mayer and Thomas Lang and Mike Portnoy and yet they cant do anything...the drummers that give all the good drummers a BAD NAME.....

i say...practice a lil more...if you want free lessons and tips....i say youtube is the best can learn alot from there...drummers like Dave Weckl etc. put alot of samples of their dvd's on check it out...and keep playin dude...drums is about having fun....and pushing yourself to do stuff you thought you'd never be able looked like you were having you're doin it rite...


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ppl who down others 4 sumthin they kant even do or think they kan do better r kalled posers, and they do not deserve 2 exist , the drumming is good, those kids should just cut them selves, crawl into a dark hole, and die , thts pretty much it
Ahh yes, the kids who think they know it all about drums and drummers, when they dont even play themselves. They sit there and bash you up and down, but you know what that is? Jealousy, my friend. They're jealous because you're in a band (hence that makes you a little bit popular sometimes).
That's funny, whoever that was that mentioned Raymond Hererra. And Joey.
These kids nowadays are so sucked into the mainstream, they dont even know what real talent is anymore.
Granted, Raymond is talented, and one of my favorites. I admire him for his tight playing, especially his kick drum work, but he's not the the drum god of the planet.
And Joey? Well, that's self explanatory. Slipknot is the biggest known band in the universe, a common household name these days, and because they're big, people think Joey is God!
Ya know, he's good, but not that great, and he even said so himself on the Roadrunner United dvd. He doesnt think he's that great of a drummer.
Oh yeah, cool video man, sounds pretty funkadelic. Keep workin on those chops, you were solid.


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Hahaha, hey man, look how much love you just got from everyone! Obviously you've got something going for ya. I've learned to be happy with my drumming, obviously I always strive for improvement, but basically, the way I see it is if I can have fun playing music and the band I'm with are happy with what I'm doing, then I'm good enough. If you're trying to be Carter Beauford, you're not gonna get there untill at least a few years after the tender age of fourteen :lol: the man's a bit of a genius. As already mentioned, the groove is solid, nice bass line too, I can hear the Claypool :D There are always wankers who just want to pick fights on the internet, ignore it.