Dominic Howard (Muse's drummer)


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What do you think about Dominic Howard?

I think he's a great drummer! I know there are people who drum much better than he does, but I really like the things he does in Muse's songs. Someone who agrees?


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Maybe he doesn't do a ton of fancy solo stuff but he is an amazing accompaniment drummer.

It takes talent to do what he does.

and I'm obsessed with his fills


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He's definately one of the best drummers about in mainstream, "radio-friendly" music. Especially in the UK. I don't know about US-only music.

Loved his drumming on Stockholm Syndrome. Great song fully deserving of his big, loud, bold drum sound. Love the man.

Rob Crisp

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I've said before how big a fan of his I am! I think he's seriously under-rated.

I think you can really hear how he's developed since the days of Showbiz and some of the playing on the new album is mind blowing if you ask me, tasteful yet at the same time impressive.

So yeah, I think he rocks! Totally blew me away at the IOW Festival last year. I love the fills on Assasin, they're simple but thunderous! :twisted:


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haha, i was just about the mention assassin. gotto love those beats and fills..

As for me, ofcourse i don't think he's the best, but then again much better heaps of other drummers out there..


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I think he's perfect for the band, which is what we all strive for. Muse is one of the few contemporary bands I can stand listening to-
his Tama mirage kit sounded great when I saw them last (if that was his kit I was hearing)