Does anyone know how to build a live 808 bass bomb?

Tha Msnjah

New member
My band, Seventh Denial, is currently recording tracks in a studio right now for a demo. We really wanted to add some bass bombs into some of our songs much like chimaira, fear factory, and lamb of god have done, just to make some of our songs more kickass. Our engineer told us it would be as simple as adding an 808 (I guess that's the term they're using for it now) on the right beat to drop in for the blast during the mixing process.

But now we are getting booked for venues and we need that sound live. I get the general concept. I need some sort of trigger or pad to trigger the 808 subbass blast, and then a module that produces the sound I need. I have found these on musiciansfriend:

Pintech Dingbat Tubular Pad
Pintech Nimrod Tubular Electronic Percussion Pad
Alesis Trigger Pad for DM5 Electronic Drum Kit (Seems to be exclusive to the DM5)

But what I don't know is what I can hook them up to to make the blast. What modules out there produce the best subbass blasts? We want something really powerful. I'm not sure if the DM5 or the roland td-20 have them, but I would probably prefer the DM5 as far as price range goes if it does produce the blast. There is no way in hell I can afford a td-20. Please help me out guys and let me know what I should get. We're on a limited budget but Seventh Denial has got some f*****g awesome breakdowns that we need to beef up for shows.