Does anyone have any info on the CAMCO by TAMA drum sets?


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I'm from Ottawa Canada and I have a CAMCO by TAMA set
(5 piece) that I bought in around 1989.
It still sounds good - I love playing it.
The toms are all really deep and I can get great dynamics out of them..
Does anyone have any info on these kits?
I can't even find any info on the TAMA website.



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I'm definitely no expert on this! but, if you've ever noticed the similarities between DW + Camco drums...I've always heard that DW bought Camco and still uses their original lugs/casts...

One time I was looking at an old Creedence vinyl record, and it had a picture of the drummer on it--I thought to myself, "I didn't know they made DW drums back then!" It's because he was playing a Camco kit. From what I understand, the exact same big round lugs.

Camco drums are definitely prized by many people! Apparently they made really good stuff. Apparently Camco went bankrupt, and DW + Tama both bought the company. DW got all the tooling and manufacturing equipment, and Tama got the design/engineering rights.

Tama's Iron Cobra pedal came from the original Camco design. They started calling it a "Tamco", then changed the name to "Iron Cobra". These pedals also had the same configuration as the DW 5000, Camco, DW, Tama....originated from the same place. Good stuff.

Oh, and you will find everything you need to know about Camco Drums here:


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Thanks Man - I've heard about the TAMA /DW thing, but I wasn't too confident in the source that it came from.
I've been following some of the discussions through myspace bulletins.
This group sounds like a great bunch of drummers who respect the craft.
We are all bound - Like the rings in Bonham's logo.

Cheers - Dave