does antyone know anything about this drum set?

Airborne Ranger

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That looks like a 1960's Japanese knockoff set. During the Beatle Boom, there was a huge thirst for drums and not everyone could afford a Ludwig or Slingerland set, so these knockoffs were popular. That set looks to be made by Pearl. They weren't high quality drums. Unfortunetly, there isn't a huge desire for them on the vintage market, so they have little value. I started with a set just like that, rail mount and all. The snare is a newer Ludwig Supraphonic though.


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it allways amazes me how you pro's know a whole story after just a picture of half the kit...
it really does... :D


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anyway there was a thread about that kit before. either zen or billray posted a massive post about the history of the kit.


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oh, this was just another on that i posted at the same time. i posted it twice for some reason. and this one just got resurected my post date for this thread is over a year ago