Do you think this will work?


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I just put the tom holder with both toms into the bottom portion of the boom stand. It works fine as far as physically fitting the holder in, but I'm worried about stability. Do you think it will bend/break? ... 8.Music123
This is the tom stand Ludwig actually offers, but mine looks more stable since the legs are double braced.

Oh, and the reason I'm doing this is because (thanks to you guys) I found out I was sitting to low, so I raised my throne and I can already feel the increase in power. However, my snare kept getting in the way (it was rubbing against my knee with every note), and I couldn't adjust the toms enough to get it where I want it. So now I did that and have it as the typical rack-ish set up (two rack toms, ride, two floor toms), and it works fine (and looks sweet), but I don't know if it's a good idea in the long run.


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That should be just fine
Ludwig hardware is pretty sturdy
I could even see you mounting floor toms off that particular stand


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That shouldn't bend.... they're very study stands.
You can spread the legs out more to give it extra stability, and position the legs so the toms don't fall over when you're hitting them.


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yeah, i have a MONSTER cymbal stand probably ways 20 pounds with nothing on it. i have 2 crashes, 1 ride, and 2 floor toms mounted to it! and all the cymbals are spread different ways.

oh my point is, yes.


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I've had my toms separate from my bass drums forever. I like the symetry (sp) that stand should be plenty sturdy enough. Make sure one leg points at you, and two away.