Do you practice with a rhythm gate?

Do you practice with a rhythm gate / groove checker?

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  • No, I have an acoustic kit

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Ima Troll

New member
I live in an apartment so my options were to get an electronic kit or... don't play drums. I picked up a DTXplorer for a starter kit, the built-in rhythm gate seems like a pretty useful learning tool. Nothing like a little biofeedback, right?

My teacher is an older session player who's had a long, successful career - and never used a rhythm gate. Also has no opinion on the subject.

I don't see much about them on this site.

Rob Crisp

New member
I have a DTXpress, the groove check is a great idea but if you play anything too complicated it gets easily confused; at least that's what I found. Bear in mind I'm talking the first DTX..... it's a long time since that came out and they may have tweaked it since for the newer brains.

Just get grooving with a metronome and listen hard!