Do you play any other instruments?


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Do you play any other instruments or just drums? Does it help your drumming if you're playing another instrument?

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I play a little bit keyboards and it definitaly helps my drumming - I am able to think more about the whole song not just my part


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i started playing piano before drums, and STILL play it - been about 7 years now, and i also play a bit of guitar. it helps ALOT with sight reading and things for dums


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I play a little bit of guitar and piano, after i started to learn the drums, i realised how much knowing about other different instruments helps with your own playing and its good to be able to play more than one instrument


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besides drums i play piano, guitar, bass, violen slightly. it really helps when i'm jamming with my buddies, i can really predict where the song is going and just instinctively know the right transitions.


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i also play guitar, bass, piano, i arrange, produce, and engineer.
i started on guitar so bass was easy. piano from an early age as well. having started on these instruments has helped my musical outlook as a drummer greatly. in the end though, if you feel and understand the beat you don't have to play any other instruments. although, piano is a great tool to have in your arsenal!


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I can play little guitar- I mean, I know how it works, so I can tell my guitarist to make the chord one octave higher or lower etc. I'd like to learn how to play bass, but all my money& time goes to drums.
I own a keyboard and guitar...

would love to learn them! LOL

I want to be able to put some shit down cuz i`ve got 1000`s of melodies stuck in my head that don`t sound like much when i play them on my kit.

I`ve started to give my lead guitarist some drum lessons. It`s the best idea ever! He now appreciates the job I do behind my wall of sound. He had no idea how "hard" it was. He says everything I play, I make it look super easy, almost like I`m bored playing. He now says he realizes I`m anything but. He doesn`t know how I`m able to use all 4 limbs simualtaneously! I luv it!

He`s gonna teach me how to use my keyboards ang guitar!

Sorry if I went too far off topic. It just seemed relavent!


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Demented Drummer":29u6993o said:
I want to be able to put some shit down cuz i`ve got 1000`s of melodies stuck in my head that don`t sound like much when i play them on my kit.
The feeling is mutual :D
I have many bass patterns etc in my head when I'm rehearsing with my band but since I don't know all the sounds,chords etc I just don't know how to convey my ideas to the rest of the band... I feel like mute :roll:
So I've decided to buy me a midi controler and learn all about that stuff through playing/composing in Reason 3.0 :)


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Woaw you guys are pretty all around musicians. I'm planning on learning the guitar ... as I had 2 years of piano lessons which kinda scarred me to death :p
So piano not being for me, I figured that learning to play the guitar would help me understand better what a guitar player has to go through during a song and thus maybe interact with him/her better !

But I'm not there yet ;)


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Actually, I started playing the trumpet in the 3rd grade. This continued for a short 3 year period and my interests started turning towards percussion. After playing on a drum kit for the 1st time I was hooked. Recently though I have started playing bass guitar as well. I play the skins as primary but since our bass player is like my left wheel i figured that it would not hurt to learn how to play bass as well. It really opened my eyes and helps the tempos and rythyms flow easier. Peace.


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I have played Bass Guitar off and on for about 15 years. I am good enough to be in a band if I wanted but I love the drums too much.

I can play Alto Sax but I would need some practice before attempting to play live with it.

I know much more guitar in my head than I can play with my hands, thats why I play Bass instead, I have big fingers and I just cannot keep them from hitting more than one string.

I can sing fairly well too. Its just doing while i am playing at the same time that is the challange right now. :lol:

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I play guitar, bass and keys. I started on drums and it's my first love. I am very happy to say that since learning the guitar, my tuning on the drums has improved immensely, and my playing is much more musical. Also, I would not have picked up on guitar nearly as quickly as I did if not for the fact that I was already a drummer and had rhythm down. Two handed finger tapping on a guitar?? Piece of cake. It's just DRUMMING different patterns on the fret board. If you have a musical ear you can learn where to move it around.


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i learnt to play guitar in school when i was 10, i played tht for about 2 years or so, i learnt guitar as my first instrument, i'm not very good now tho lol
i've also been learning the piano for the last year, tht helps alot with melodies i listen too, in other instruments.
i also play a little harmonica and i'm not much of a singer but i can harmonise pretty well.
Obviously my main instrument is drums, i've been playing them for about 2 years or so now, and i love them xD
i think playing other instruments is good for you :D especially when your visiting a friends house for example and they have a guitar or keyboard and no drums, at least u wont be board :D



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I'm trying to teach myself guitar. Not to help my drumming (if it does, awesome), but to do more songwriting.
I come up with lots of sick guitar riffs but I have no way of communicating them to anyone else.
And if I think of a melody or key change or spiffy transition after the songs are "finished", I need a way to show people what I'm thinking.
And I'd like to have my own side project where it's all me playing everything. I work really good with myself and the violent fights caused by differing directions are usually contained in my head so nobody else gets hurt.
I can play Flute, Piccolo, Tenor sax, piano and little guitar. I started out with the flute in the 4th grade moved to piccolo two years later. Then one year after learng the piccolo I really wanted to learn how to play drums. I wanted to learn how to play drums beofre flute but it didn't happen that way. A year after learning the drums I moved on to the sax for jazz band beucse they didn't need flute on every song. And im self tought piano and guitar.


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I play the piano. I write my own songs, and find it a bit difficult to that on the drums. :wink:

I also play mallet percussion, such as xylophone, glockenspiel, marimba, vibraphone, tubular bells, timpanies, etc.

I stayed away from the guitar. I know a few chords, but I am very left-handed. I play the drums "right-handed" whitch works fine, but I never really got hold of the guitar thing.