Do you keep the first set of heads,cymbols,etc for keepsake?


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I noticed that alot of guitarist, and vocalist dont keep anything they started out with except maybe their first guitar. I keep 1 of each of my heads and the first cymbol I cracked. Of course that was a Wuhan :lol: ( still love'um)


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i keep my first cracked cymbal on my wall, but not heads, nor sticks, or any big piles of parts that are now trash. my dads the OCD pack rat not me lol =)


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ccrdrums":3cjcwu5g said:
i keep sticks and heads in my closet cuz u never know
same man... same.

i think everyone should keep there old stuff.. its something you can look back on and give you an insentive to go furthur.. yea its just a priceless piece of whatever.. but like ccrdrums said.. you never know!


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the only things i've even thrown out for my kit was the first crash tht came with my first cheap kit, it was too dangerous to keep since it was literally in pieces coz it was so cheap :D
everything else i've kept so far e.g.
loads of broken sticks, a few split drum heads, a couple of cymbals tht have seen better days, and random other things, i keep all this crap in one of my old cymbal-set boxes, they fit in nice and snug :D


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i have the first pair of marching sticks and the first pair of set sticks that i snapped in my closet XD I'm suprised I still haven't managed to crack my cymbols after 5 years of playing... but once it does im hanging it on my wall =P


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I kept my cymbals but when my new ones started to break I started using the old ones again lol eventually I had to throw them out because they were destroyed


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old drum heads can come in handy. in a pinch you can cut the rim and center off to make a studio ring, cut the rim off and use it to "double hoop" a head that is still playabe but stretched out to the point where the rim is about even with the head, cut a strip to replace a broked snare cord or strap the connects the snares to the butt or strainer. its like macgyver with drums