do petals need oil?


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okay i have a dw 700 double
eveythings ine intell recentally
it seems liek it rusted out or something
its had to puch
it sound slike its rused like it creeks when i push it
and its only like 5 mounths old'

what do i do?
ive had the same problem.
1st of all. YES they do need oil once in a while. it will not only stop the squeeking but it will also make the pedals work smoother.
what i do when i have to oil the pedals, i 1st find the source of the squeaking or rusting. - check the springs or even the connecting rod.
once found the source, i use some lawn mower oil i have in the garage and i poured a little bit onto a cloth and i wiped it around the area that was squeaking.
im not sure if this is the proper way to do it but it certainly worked for me


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Yes. Take care of your stuff and it will take care of you. It just makes me play better knowing that my kit is clean.


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I would use some Instrument Rotor or Key Oil (i.e.- French Horn). It comes in a small bottle with a needle and is very thin.


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h8eternal":wd7h9230 said:
WD40 is your friend.
I must disagree. WD40 is not great at all. If you're gonna go the spray route, you should use Silicone Lubricant.

Oh and "petals", they're on flowers and need water, not oil. :lol:


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WD-40 is the WORST thing you can use on a pedal. For starters, it's water based and breaks down eventually. WD-40 is good to put on rusty spots for cleaning though.

IF you want some good lube, use a type called "CLP" (Cleaner/Lubricant/Protectant) that is teflon-based. That stuff is awesome. And stay away from vaseline (for your drums that is). It turns to gunk eventually and is a pain to clean out.

Pedals need a bit of oil eventually, especially if you live near an ocean (salt air KILLS metal parts).


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wd40!! lol and limeaway, and more dw400, just dont smoke near it. and i guess you couldoil but i use dw40 and it works great

im not trying to be an asshole here, but you need to spell better, i could barely understand what you were trying to say


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Billray is very correct!! Stay away from WD-40. CLP is used by the US Military because it is multi-purpose and is not effected by temperature. CLP meaning (cleaner, lubricant, protectant) is Great stuff and fairly inexpensive. As far as the chain lubes used on bikes and such...Stay away from them, they gum up and don't do well with temp changes. Oh and Eiren, funny shot there with the compost suggestion, though we all make errors.


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zildjin makes some oil that works amazingly its fairly cheap and I take my pedals apart about once a month and oil them.


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Hey Kaos, I know it's kind of a labor intensive request but, maybe you could take some detailed pictures of taking your pedal apart and show how and where to clean and oil?


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Eiren":1d54egx9 said:
Just water them regularly, and give them some compost.
Pretty sure i'm the only one who got this. Or maybe everyone else chose to ignore it.

But i'm laughing my ass off.


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I use gunoil to lubricate my cobra's. I just put a small stick or something in the can, and let it drip into the parts wich I think need it. Then I wipe off the excess oil and i'm good for another few weeks. Works great for me.