Do drums change their sound over time?

Hey all,
I have a TAYE set, and in June 2006, I bought a second bass drum to go with it. I bought the original set, new, in November of 2004. At the time that I got the second kick, I bought all new heads for it. No matter what I do, I can never get them to sound the same. Now, I'm no expert at tuning my any means, i try to do the same thing to both drums, and nothing seems to work. I change the drums/heads/pedals around, but it still doesn't help.

Any suggestions as to what to do to help??


The Alien Drummer

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There are a ton of variables to take into account: all the variuos wood types, shell sizes, humidity levels of your area, reso head, port size,laquer or wrap, number of plies, type of plies........etc etc etc

Wood being a natural substance constantly changes as it ages. Depending on what you have on the outside of your drum (wrap/Laquer/etc) also, is there a reso head or large hole in the front? That matters because it affects the amount of moisture it absorbs. All drum companys are different, but I don't know of any that use balenced ply construction so that both sides of the shell absorb at the same rate.

So in summary, no one can truly answer that question for a specific drum, only a general answer: Most people think they get a more mellow sound.

Don't think that will really help, so maybe just keep working on it, or just trigger and use the same sound for both kicks.


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just as alien drums sayed, your head stretch's over time so it's a good idea to change them every month if your playing many gigs.

But if you have a head made of kevlar(Andante), you can probly last a year on that one head of heavy playing with marching sticks.

Another factor is that maybe the company screwed up the head in the making or shipping process.

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