DML Festival Weekend


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Stump and Mrs. Stump will be there. Gonna be the start of a 2 week road trip of the east coast for us. Can't wait! Let's hear it folks...last year was a blast so this year can only be better! :mrgreen: P.O.Y!


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Clinicians Announced:

Zoro is one of the top educators in the world and was voted #1 R&B Drummer & Clinician in the Modern Drummer Magazine reader's poll for several years consecutively, and has received Best Funk Drummer honors in Drum! and Rhythm Magazine of the U.K. His book and DVD, The Commandments of R&B Drumming were all awarded with the prestigious #1 Best Educational Products title in the Modern Drummer Magazine reader's poll. Zoro's most recent and riveting drum performance can be seen on the DVD entitled, Modern Drummer Festival 2005 (Hudson Music).

Johhny Rabb:
Johnny Rabb is an active live and studio drummer living in Nashville, TN. He stays busy drumming and composing music with partner Clay Parnell in the innovative group BioDiesel. As an author, Johnny continues his passion for education. He has just released The Official Freehand Technique Book/CD with Hudson Limited. Johnny was also voted #1 Best Educational Author by Modern Drummer’s Readers Poll for his book Jungle Drum ‘N’ Bass for the Acoustic Drum Set. He has performed with a wide range of artists such as Maynard Ferguson, Alain Caron, Frank Gambale, Larry Tagg, Tanya Tucker, DJ Hype, Hank Williams III, SheDaisy, Deana Carter and Mindy McCready. He has traveled worldwide conducting clinics and master classes including the Montreal Drumfest, PASIC, Musik Messe, Meinl Drum Festival 2005 & 2008.

Rod Morgenstein:
Rod's professional music career began as a founding member of the groundbreaking group the Dixie Dregs when, as a student at the University of Miami in Florida, he met Steve Morse, Andy West and Allen Sloan. The university was a hotbed of musical activity during this period, playing host to brilliant future talents like Pat Metheny, Jaco Pastorius, Danny Gottlieb, T Lavitz and Bruce Hornsby. Playing under the official Studio Music and Jazz curriculum title of Rock Ensemble II, the Dregs honed their fusionesque chops. It was here that the band recorded its classic Great Spectacular album now available on CD.

Rick Van Horn:
Rick Van Horn has had a long and fruitful career as a drummer and educator as well as being formerly associated with Modern Drummer Magazine for several decades as an editor, writer and product reviewer. His long tenure as a professional player makes him uniquely qualified to present his clinc on drum set ergonomics and a logical holistic approach to the instrument.



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Where the hell are all of you guys that said you wanted to go? Look, here is what I am willing to do. For those of you interested in going at a DISCOUNTED rate, contact me directly. I will get you tickets at MY cost. Do not attempt to get tickets any other way(unless you want to pay full cost). This deal is supposed to be for UGW guys ONLY!
BUT, I like you guys enough to get my ass in trouble with Mike in order for you to be there.

Contact me by PM, and I can also send you my phone number if you would like to speak to me personally.
I'm all set up with everything to get you a BIG discount! Don't miss this chance!!!!!


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Here are some more announcements from Zen..........

"This just in:

The Dream Cymbal Tasting Tour is coming to DRT 2009. There will be literally HUNDREDS of Dream Cymbals in ALL the series on display and for sale at DRT 2009.

In Addition to that, you will be able to trade in broken B-20 Bronze Cymbals towards the discounted price during this event as well!

This is a GREAT opportunity to try some GREAT cymbals and go home with them on the cheap!"

"I went to the cymbal tasting at Cadence Music yesterday and the Contact Series are pretty darned exceptional for the money and everybody already knows how I feel about Chinese K replacements... The Bliss Series is pretty special and you just can't beat the prices!

On TOP of that, the good folks at Dream Cymbals are going to GIVE AWAY a core set of cymbals as a door prize... that's a 16" Crash, a 20" Ride , a pair of 14" hats AND a nice case... FOR NOTHING! You just have to be LUCKY!"

"And tonight I booked a band to play AFTER Rod Morgenstein that we'll be able to play with... Details on that next week... this will be a blast!"


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Brother_Bong":pi8bty1n said:
Ok, I need to start gathering some information. Real simple.....
-Who is GOING to make it.
-Who will most likely make it.
-Who wants to bring a kit. (This does not apply to snares, as everyone is encouraged to bring one for drum-offs, snare comps., etc.) We still may have to put a limit on kits, so first dibs apply. Also be realistic, if you have an entry level kit with nothing spectacular....... well you get the point.
-And for the matter of lodging, who will be looking for rooms, and how many nights.

Feel free to respond here, or PM me if you prefer.

Please do remember, unless you attended last year, there will be a fee. More than likely it will be a daily charge with an option of a package deal for the whole weekend. The price tag is as of yet unknown. It will depend on all of our costs behind the lines.

For some of you newbies who may not be up to speed, feel free to browse this thread from start to finish! :lol:
Also check out

I'm paid in full(lessons,and tickets)
And as long as theres room i would like to bring my kit.


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I would also Like to say that i'm super pumped to be attending this year!!!!I reccomend to anyone that is considering to come to try there hardest to get to DRT. This year is going to be epic and who know what Mike (ZEN) still has up his sleeves. Also theres a bunch of you guys i can't wait to meet.(bong,stump,dose,tom,homki,zen,rufus and others)


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Why does it seem that everyone shows interest in this all year long, then when the time comes.......*crickets* :roll:
Zen drops major bank on this and everyone walks away? WTF :?:


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Same thing happened last year. Alot of talk but not alot of follow through. I always live by the old "if you say that you're going to do it, then do it!" Myself and the wife are booked and ready to go! P.O.Y!


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metldrummer2112":2feyiocm said:
I'm guilty of that. :oops: Sorry.
My parents said they would take me and now they're backing out.
Just keep pestering your Dad Nick! Maybe he will give in. Hope to see you there. P.O.Y!


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metldrummer2112":gq0jbqmx said:
I'm guilty of that. :oops: Sorry.
My parents said they would take me and now they're backing out.
Tell your parents I think they are mean, and I hope the plan on paying for therapy in the future.


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drummerduba":jzq6zqlt said:
Nick is metalhead94, Stump...

metldrummer is just using his Myspace Display Pic as his Avatar

Oh well me and Nick both have long hair, I guess it's easy enough to confuse us

And I'll make sure I tell them that Bong!


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well an update on myself, i hate to inform you i wont being going this year due to bad grades. :oops:

sorry guys. hopefully, with better grades, i will be there next year and we'll have a good time.

have fun up there!


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Here are some pics guys!

Paul, Mike and Andy at the hotel.

Rod Morgenstein at Steve Nelsons booth.

Paul and Rob.

Clay and Duba.

Johnny Rabb doing his thing.

Duba getting interviewed by the local news.

Dave from Silverfox with Nick the stick.

J Rabb.

Me and Rob, snare drum olympic judges!

Kyle playing crazy army for the Snare Drum Shoot-Out.

Me with Mr Rabb.

Paul with Mr Rabb.

Andy, Joey and Me chilling at the bar.

Zoro introducing himself before his clinic.

Andy with Mr Rabb.

Johnny Rabb, Carl Sewar, and Zoro.

Enjoy. P.O.Y!


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Using this opportunity to get the excitement going for this year, it's coming right up.

Some of you know, most of you don't, Mike was able to secure blastmaster Derek Roddy, and one of the biggest legends in drumming history, Bernard Purdie as this years clinicians.
Talk about covering the spread!
Anyway, more information is available at, as always. Discounted tickets are only available through July 10th.
Any other questions, ask em here.