DIY cajon project - success - with video file

nutha jason

A few weeks ago i made my own cajon!
So i managed to record her a bit with a large studio condenser. i decided to put the recording with a voice over onto a video that now sums up the project.
please listen with headphones or good speakers to hear how rich the bass is.
i would encourage any drummer to try make one. it was fun and the result was great.


New member
I work for a company that manufactures the cajon. I have seen alot of great cajons built, and I have to say that your have done a great job. I particularly like the way to designed the sound hole. It creates a sort of port, which really helps the depth of the bass. Geat job!


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That does sound very good. I have decent speakers and I can hear the nice bass flow with the video. I am impressed you actually made this! I don't have these kinds of skills :roll: