disney sticks


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okiedokie so my sister bought me some of those light up drum sticks at the disney world
i havent played them yet because people are at my house, but are they any good or would they just snap?


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Bong":382u0hq8 said:
Timekeep69":382u0hq8 said:
Do they feel sturdy? I would think that they were more for looks than actual playing.
X-act-ly what I was thinking, visual, not practical.
haha well still they look cool theyre clear and they light up blue when they hit but i think theyre more of a toy like you guys said


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tero":1y0pgd9w said:
uhhh....LED sticks? i think it is funny playing with them. be careful. do not break them :p
i dont think ill play with them at all, i think i can make them bend lol


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tero":1g7vncky said:
kylevater":1g7vncky said:
haha yeah i will in the near future
thanks :)
well, sorry to disapoint you, but i was trying to take pics of them last night, but every camera in my house rrreeeaallllyyyyy sucks and couldnt get a nice shot
i will sometime though!
oh and ill try to find the picture of them on google though


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They're souvenirs not really suited to play on an acoustic kit seriously.
They do work fine on electronic pads though. I've used 'em on my Roland kit.


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Funny story...this little kid had some of those sticks, and asked me to play them...I did a roll on the snare. Then kinda went down the toms..then did a gallop with my double kick pedal and then a flam on the snare..that flam shattered a stick...I felt terrible. Don't play them. They're a tourist gift. I live in florida and I see them everywhere. They're kinda gay too. sorry. lol


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NG1284":3elq94hq said:
Rockin' Rollercoaster?

My sister bought me a pair of those. They are labeled as pro quality drumsticks, but the nylon tips seem suspicious and the finish would peel easily.