Did i make the right decision?

im wondering what you guys think.
i was in a band for a number of years that always had in our minds that we would get somewhere (as many bands think im sure). however we were together for nearly 4 years and played NO gigs. i was getting pissed off with the situation and even though we are good friends, i decided to leave the band and i joined a semi-established band with some people who are older than me. we do many gigs and dont waste time.

would you stick with your close friends in this situation or would you go off and search for something better?
the guitarist had doubts about it....he had stagefright or something and said he didnt feel comfortable about playing......i said that a band has to perform so i left once i got an offer from another band that needed a drummer.


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Sounds like you made the right decision then. They can't begrudge you wanting to play gigs because one of them is too pussy to get on stage.
and they got all shitty at me when i said i was leaving and were complaining for ages until they finally found a new drummer. i never had a say in that band and when i left i didnt hear the end of it.


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Why would you want to be in a band that doesn't even want to play live?

How many recordings did you make in those four years?
we made about 5 recordings that were all home recordings it was very shit sounding and i reckon i wasted months doing it. i only raised this question koz they are making me feel bad about leaving koz they keep callin me a quitter and just yeah.....i guess they r pretty shit friends to be around


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Sounds like you made the right decision, the guitarist has got to conquer his fear some time, otherwise his just gonna be stuck at home practising for no reason.
I heard this saying somewhere but goes like this"Aim really high in life then you'll always have something to work to"
So yes your in the right for leaving, the othere guys well, they will soon leave once they realise the guitarist is holding them back.


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You made the right choice for sure... what is the point of learning / practicing / playing music if you don't share it with others? Playing on stage and watching even one person really dig what is going on is a great feeling (as long as that person is not your mom :p ).


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It sounds like you made the right decision for you. You wanted to move forward. It sounds like the terms aren't good with the old band but maybe if you invite them to a gig and maybe get that guitar player to sit in maybe you can help him along. Maybe you can turn this into two gigging bands.


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I agree with the others. Sounds like you made the right choice. Four years and no gigs? How did you stand that? Good luck to you and your new band.


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It's hard to be a successful band and get any bills paid if one of your guys refuses to play live! I'd say you made a fine decision is being a musician is your chosen profession.


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I agree, but don't leave your old band on bad terms. Keep practicing with them on occasion. You may need them in the future, if nothing else it adds to your overall perspective of musical style and gives you someone outside of your daily rhythm to play with.