Design your own sticks :)


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what would you make?

I've been hoping that Vic Firth would one day make their classic 5A's in maple, but with a small ball tip. That'd be just perfect for me.

I guess the slightly longer Vater maple Cymbal Sticks with a ball tip will have to do, but the feel just ain't like my maple Vic Firth AH5A's.

I guess anything in a maple stick with a long shoulder for quick rebound, a meatie 5A like grip, and a ball tip for that articulation would make me happy to no end.



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I don't know, but I'd choose Vaters New Orleans as the core- 1 stick with a big nylon tip and a little beefier and the 2 stick with a small wood tip and a fast taper.


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I would use a bunch of staples and paperclips, wired together after many hours of manual work and pot smoking... then I would duct-tape not a ball, but a cone shaped backwards on the end of them... and i'd reinforce it all with elmers glue! Damned horses need to die faster!



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I'd use what I use now! A maple 8A shortened just a tiny bit. Very close to the sd4 combo by Firth in between a standard 8A and that...
Go Vater!


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I use ProMark Portnoy's which I really like, but they could be longer with a wood tip(I shatter nylon tips). And I used the Acid Jazz sticks too, no complaints orther than they seem heavy for how thin they are.
For heavier stuff, I like my Vater Rocks just fine. Those thing take a hell of a beating without breaking, and they're not too heavy with good thickness. Maybe just a tad bit longer.

Johnny Cat

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I would love to have a stick that's basically a Regal Tip 7A, but longer, and made from oak, with a slightly larger tip. I haven't been able to find anything like it yet.