Deep tom/kick tuning


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Hey guys,
im looking to better my tom and kick drum sounds, but with more deep tones to them (i play hardcore/punk and stuff like that and for those who know the bands, i really like the sounds for Haste The Day, Comeback Kid, etc. and thats the type of sound im looking for, toms wise anyway. Kick drum wise, im looking for my own deep tone). right now i have 13" and 16" toms (pearl export series, yea yea i know =P) and my 22" kick. I just bought the EMAD. I know i havent gotten the best tuning for it yet but it sounds so amazing, such a deep sound with amazing punch. i practically creamed when i heard it. so first starting with my kick drum i did the removing wrinkles method and basically kept them like that. it has a deep tone but a sharp punch on contact. how should i go about getting the same power but with more resonance?
secondly, i have my old stock pearl heads on my toms, and they sound like ass now when i try to tune them low. what do you guys suggest heads-wise to get a rich deep sound on my toms? and then the tuning on these toms.

i know i've asked alot, but any help at all (especially on the toms part) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!


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im a fan of the remo pinstripes. they have a good warm low range tuning that if tunes right just thump. that would be my vote for the batters. for the reso, you cant go wrong with remo ambassadors.


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For more resonance on the kick, try extending the spurs on your bass so the front is raised up off the ground if you haven't already. That allows for more resonance. Also, if you have your kick muffled with pillows, comforters, blankets, newspaper, small children, etc., lose some of it and make sure it's not touching too much of the reso head. I have my kick stuffed with pillows because I like just a thump for the bass, but I also use two mics to mic up my kick, one on the batter and one on the reso, dead center.

On the toms, there's a few things you could do. But don't just follow my advice. I'm sure there's others on here with more knowledge than me. The way I tune my toms is more melodic than what you're going for, but it never hurts to give information. I tune the batter to the relative pitch I want(high, mid, or low) and then I flip the drum over and do the same to the resonant head, only on the reso I tune it just a tiny bit lower so I get a pitch bend. I use a more mid range tuning on my toms but you could try this method. First, change out the heads though. I'd go with Remo Ambassador Ebony on the batter, and clears on the reso to get a deeper rounded tone, but what do I know? LOL. I use and have always used Remo Ambassador Whites. The wood on your toms comes into play as well. If your toms are geared for more melodic stuff, then I'd go with a more mid or high end of the low range tuning. I've tried tuning low and my headed ended up soundling like I was hitting paper.

I've heard drummer after drummer around here try for the low tuning and end up sounding like they were hitting paper. Be sure not to tune so low as to not get a clear tone at all. EXPERIMENT! Try different things. You'll more than likely try something out and find that you like it. I know I did. I hope this helps you out.


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for the bass get an evans eq3 coated white resonant head...its great for punch and low end attack...for the floor tom [i personally like] the coated ambassadors for the batter and for the reso try the evans g1's or clear ambassadors [cant go wrong with those on any drum] :D


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i dont understand all the votes for ambassadors for a deep, low sound.

if youre impressed with the emad but want mroe resonance i suggest that you clear your drum of all other muffling, tune the emad up a round or 2, use the larger felt ring, and get an impact patch to save the head. also, an emad resonant wouldnt hurt.

for the toms i highly recommend evans clear ec2s. theyre made to match the pinstripes low pitch but still retain resonance and tone, and last longer from what i hear. for the resonant heads get clear g1s. tune the drums to a good mid tone because leaving the heads loose produces a horrible thwack sound that doesnt resonate, project, or sound good at all. tune both heads to a medium tension and once you get a good feel from the batter head just tweak the reso until the drum has a full, resonant sound without overtones or too much pitch bend...honestly, the latter one sounds really weird to me when i hear it coming from my kit.