Deep bass drums or small?


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It really depsmds on the sound you want. Any size from 20 - 28 works well for rock and metal. Do you play fast metal? go with deeper bass drums.

22" is a pretty versatile size.


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Anyone else seen Saluda's 26" Deep 20" diameter? That's ridiculous.

And I think I would love to have a 22" x 22". I don't play like metal or punk or anything, so I think it would be the kind of bass I would love to have.


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I have read on many forums that deeper bassdrums are more difficult to mic/record than shallower ones because there is more air mass to move bettween the heads and the sound loss some definition. It also depend in how the drum is miced (1 or more mics). I like my 22x18 better than my 22x16, but I think I wouldn't go deeper than that...

My next BD will be something smaller to add to the 22x18. Maybe a 18x16 or 18x14.


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I have a 22x24 (dia x length) Bass drum made of 8ply maple. I use a Clear PowerSONIC for a batter and a Powerstroke 3 front with two 4" Holz. This produces not only a gorgeous sound, but this is a drum that you feel in your chest. I have heard no complaints from sound guys, producers, or anyone at shows/studios about the bass drum. This is actually the second bass drum of this size that I have had. I never have any trouble tuning it. Remember, in the end, it is going to be YOUR preference whether you want a shallow or deep bass drum. I enjoy the sound of mine.

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I use a 24 diam, 18 deep birch Pearl bass drum for my rock/cowpunk band and I love it, I've always played bigger bass drums, I like them because they are warm and booming. it does play slower than a 22 so it takes some extra work, but the sound is great and asthetically it sets you apart from the look of the average kit.

check out if you'd like to hear the 24"


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I have a 20 maple Ludwig , 22 birch\ mahogany Yamaha, 24 Ludwig Vistalite & 28 maple Ludwig, all 14 depth except for the 18 Yamaha. They all have different qualities, although I couldn't really say one is any BETTER than the next. Just a matter of the right tools for whatever the particular gig happens to be. I guess I really need a kit with a 26, just for the sake of being objective... :)


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mines 22 i want to get a 20 for christmas, idk about the depth, it was a beginner-intermediate off brand set
i want to play tommy lee's big ass one, i saw him with supernova and he had at least a 30"


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have you ever seen the 20x40 (dia x dep) 10ply bass drums

i forgot who had them, but man they were long.

"cannon" bass drum lol

yeah ive never heard of a deeper bass drum having recording probs.

Id like a 20x22 :)